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Amoeba, also referred to as Ameba, is a genus that belongs to protozoa, which are unicellular eukaryotes (organisms with membrane-bound cell organelles). The name Amoeba is derived from the Greek word amoibe, which means change. There are many species of Amoeba, of which the most extensively studied is A. proteus (Amoeba proteus). Majority of the Amoeba species are very minute and are not visible to the naked eye. However, in spite of its small size, the genomic content of Amoeba is several times more than the human genome. The species A. dubia consists of about 370 billion base pairs; whereas, human genome has about 3 billion base pairs.

Amoeba (plural Amoebae or Amoebas) is found in terrestrial as well as aquatic habitats. Some are parasitic in nature, which are responsible for causing ailments in humans and animals. There are six parasitic species of Amoeba that may result in certain diseases in humans. Let's discuss in brief about the characteristics and classification of Amoeba.

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