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Skin plays an important role in excretion in the mammals. Skin of mammals is glandular and has 2 types of glands, e.g., sebaceous glands and sudoriferous or sweat glands.

Sweat Glands
These are highly vascular, coiled, simple tubular glands. These separate the wastes from the blood and send it out in the form of sweat. Sweat is formed of water (99%), sodium chloride, lactic acid, some urea and carbon dioxide.

Function of sweat:
(a) Excretion of excess of salts and water
(b) Evaporation of sweat causing a cooling effect and helping to maintain body temperature.

Sebaceous glands

These are branched glands opening into the hair follicles. These secrete an oily secretion called as sebum formed of lipids like waxes. Sterols and some fatty acids.

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